A day with Aruba Networks – Instant AP’s

A day with Aruba Networks – Instant AP’s

Aruba Instant AP’s – My view

So here I am, writing my first blog post on a packed train, on a laptop that’s probably more at home on a desk rather than my lap. I’m in one of those seats with a tiny table in the way, awkwardly twisted to make sure I don’t kick the people in front or beside me and I’m wondering why I even bothered getting the laptop out.

But all of this pales in comparison to an exciting day of product training I have been receiving on the Aruba wireless platform. So far my experience of Aruba has been fantastic. Reliable, great people that are always willing to help and technology that is always pushing the boundary when it comes to networking requirements. From something as simple as a 1 AP setup (although I can’t think why you would use an Aruba solution here, unless there are requirements for security policies and future scalability), to a multi-site requirement with 1000’s (yes, 1000’s) of access points around the world. The scalability and centralisation of the solution seems very promising.

SMB is an interesting place to be for wireless, and Aruba has a great solution here with their Instant AP’s. With virtualised controllers now becoming the norm for their flexibility and ease of deployment there is a strong reason to be looking at them in this bracket. Notice I say “virtualised controllers” rather than “controller-less”. This is one of those false industry terminologies that are…well false (even though all the sales people like using it still!). Why say controller-less when the AP’s quite blatantly still need a controller, and its virtualised on the AP? It just raises more questions than it solves. Well anyway, I would recommend taking a closer look at the Aruba Networks solution, especially in areas where you need to break down VLAN’s but limit the number of SSID broadcasts. Aruba has a huge benefit in this area (as it can do more with less SSID’s effectively). Give us a call if you would like to learn more.

In all, it’s been a good day, and I am sure there will be more MiSEC customers making use of the benefits of Aruba wireless solutions in future.

Laurence is part of the MiSEC team, bringing 10 years worth of security and networking knowledge. He is always striving to learn new skills and be on the edge of the latests developments in the industry. And most importantly, he is more than willing to share thoughts over a beer...but to be clear, not willing to share his beer.