Are you surfing or working?

Are you surfing or working?

So I have finally taken time out to concentrate on a bit of family time. My brother lives in Amsterdam and we don’t see each other half as much as we would like, so we decided surfing in Morocco would be a good way to spend the week. Of course this would mean catching a cold the day I am meant to leave. Oh the irony. Anyway, being here definitely makes me think a holiday was a good idea, if only for a change of scenery when writing blog entries, social media updates, booking meetings, and selling networking and security solutions to the other holiday makers in their real world jobs. Avigilon and Aruba has already come up as a security and marketing analytics solution, using visual and location based technologies together to track event attendees on a large scale, while providing Internet access via a portal.  I promise I wasn’t trying to, they just had requirements which I could help with! The surf is good, a bit smaller than I expected but I do recommend it for a long weekend in future. Who knows, perhaps a customer event is on the cards for later in the year…

Laurence is part of the MiSEC team, bringing 10 years worth of security and networking knowledge. He is always striving to learn new skills and be on the edge of the latests developments in the industry. And most importantly, he is more than willing to share thoughts over a beer...but to be clear, not willing to share his beer.


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