Encrypt Cloud Files and Protect Your Data For Free

Encrypt Cloud Files and Protect Your Data For Free

Encrypt Cloud Files to protect your data.

The cloud is great. It allows us to sync data across devices, ensures we do not lose data and also makes sharing information with others a lot easier. I am most definitely a fan.

However, one of the biggest problems with the cloud is it still has question marks over the level of security on offer. Who has access to my data? Where is my data being stored? These are examples of such questions I am sure you would have thought about when considering the use of the cloud for personal and work related files. Some of us may not care if the information being uploaded is trivial and holds no value. But what about the general public, Celebrities, VIP’s, CEO’s, etc., that do care. We only have to look at some of the recent compromises that have lead to leaked images from personal storage accounts, which go straight onto the internet!

You can encrypt cloud files, for free, using a product called Galaxkey. Galaxkey allows you to retain the keys to your data, so that others are unable to view it, while also allowing you to give permission to others if you do want them to view. You are basically taking control of the encryption, user authentication, and access control, which is what you want. So what is stopping you, encrypt cloud files today!

I have put together a quick video to show you how easy it can be to encrypt cloud files, to protect your data wherever it is stored and from whoever has access to those servers. Onedrive is the storage provider I have used in the video, however it can also be used with any provider, such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

You are able to register for the FREE galaxkey platform here. Corporates who require features such as AD integration, reporting, Administrator access,  etc., will need to contact MiSEC to arrange for a license.



Laurence is part of the MiSEC team, bringing 10 years worth of security and networking knowledge. He is always striving to learn new skills and be on the edge of the latests developments in the industry. And most importantly, he is more than willing to share thoughts over a beer...but to be clear, not willing to share his beer.


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