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Free File and Email Encryption license – ACT NOW!

Free File and Email Encryption license – ACT NOW!

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Free Email Encryption and File Encryption licenses – ACT NOW!

So, you are a small start up business, sending out sensitive information to customers over email, or perhaps storing files in a shared cloud storage space with Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box. You have information travelling everywhere, with very little policy, if any, when it comes to ensuring the integrity and security of that data. What would happen if those files were compromised? How will it effect your business? Not very nice questions to think about, and it’s easy to take a back seat with security when your main priority is generating revenue, but important all the same. Legacy email encryption and file encryption solutions have been complicated and cumbersome to the user, so perhaps you feel it will have too much of an impact on your operational success.

What if there was a way to solve a lot of those problems, within 2 hours, for free?

MiSEC are providing that way until the 31st August. Any re-tweets will be rewarded with a free 5 users license for 1 year, helping you grow your business with the tools to encrypt emails (even to customers), encrypt files wherever they reside, and ensure all the information in your cloud storage instance is protected. This solution is in use by major banks, retail organisations and government. Add yourself to that list today.

If you would like to know more about how the Encryption platform can help you, and the list is extensive, we are available to talk through your data security requirements.

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Laurence is part of the MiSEC team, bringing 10 years worth of security and networking knowledge. He is always striving to learn new skills and be on the edge of the latests developments in the industry. And most importantly, he is more than willing to share thoughts over a beer...but to be clear, not willing to share his beer.


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