Home and office security tips

Home and office security tips

I was thinking of all the simple ways to lower the risk of being burgled last night. Therefore I thought I would share with you some security tips for current and potential MiSEC customers when it comes to securing your property, commercial or domestic.

1. Consult you local crime prevention officer for free advice on making your home and out buildings more secure.

2. Check your locks are 5 lever mortice, or in the case of the PVC door and the euro barrel that they have the latest 3 star rating and they are installed correctly.

3. Lock all windows and doors, burglars only need the slightest of opportunities to exploit.

4. Keep valuable things out of site, make sure that if the burglar was looking through your window when passing they cant see anything valuable.

5. Mark your valuable items on the back with the UV pen, register them with serial numbers on immobilise.com

6. Have an alarm installed. Alarms are a good visual deterrent, and you should have it maintained at least once a year.

7. Install CCTV. Again this is a great deterrent, but can also provide you with very strong evidence and quick leads for the police. If the theif is prolific, the local police should recognise them and will have a good idea where to find them.

8. Install an intercom if you can’t see who is on the other side of the door but want to speak to them before opening it.

If you follow the above, especially the easy and free options, you will be lowering your risk of losing something valuable to you.

Laurence is part of the MiSEC team, bringing 10 years worth of security and networking knowledge. He is always striving to learn new skills and be on the edge of the latests developments in the industry. And most importantly, he is more than willing to share thoughts over a beer...but to be clear, not willing to share his beer.


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