Thales HSM and Encryption

Thales are a very well known brand in the world of encryption and authentication technologies…

They have a customer list that boasts many of the major banks around the world and are also involved in government ID and encryption projects. Using Thales technology, MiSEC are able to provide a number of solutions in the Governement and banking sector, as well as many further payments and encryption requirements in retail, manufacturing, insurance, legal, etc. Below are a list of areas that MiSEC uses Thales equipment…

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

Hardware security modules (HSMs) from Thales e-Security provide a secure, tamper-resistant environment for secure cryptographic processing and management, key protection, and key management. These units can provide a high level of assurance that satisfy current and future standards for cryptographic systems and practices—this can all be done while ensuring a high level of efficiency. Thales HSMs can be used with a broad range of commercial software solutions and in-house or custom systems. For effectively any system that uses cryptography in the form of encryption and digital signatures, PKI, etc., using a Thales HSM will ensure you are able to overcome the security risks and performance challenges that are usually associated with software-only cryptography and key management. With HSMs from Thales and services from MiSEC, you buy the capacity that your business requires, and can scale your infrastructure as your requirements evolve and expand.

Identity Management Products

Whether your concern is credit card payment processing, online banking, or internal business applications, the ability to manage user identities and effectively control access to data and applications is a critical aspect of securing the enterprise. Rising use of web-based applications and mobile devices, organizations distributed across multiple locations, and ever-shifting policies and employee populations can pose significant challenges even for the most conscientious administrators. Beyond employees, businesses must manage identities of partners, suppliers, and customers who use their systems. MiSEC offers products from the Thales range that support strong user authentication and consistent management of user identities for both internal and external applications—including payments. Using these products, organizations can implement higher levels of assurance and at the same time streamline and standardize infrastructure and processes for identity management without adding complexity.

Line Encryptors – Layer 2/3; Point to Multi-Point

For more than 20 years, products in the Datacryptor network encryption family from Thales e-Security have helped businesses and government organizations achieve their goals for secure, affordable, and high-performance end-to-end connectivity. Delivering a broad range of high-speed, high-bandwidth platforms for IP network encryption (IPsec), Link & Layer 2 encryption, and High Grade Government encryption, the Datacryptor line is designed specifically to secure data in motion with minimal latency for mission-critical and business-critical applications. Utilizing high assurance encryption methods and state-of-the-art key management techniques, the standalone Datacryptor devices encrypt data securely while offering significantly lower latency than software encryption capabilities embedded in common network devices such as switches and routers. By delivering an ideal blend of security and performance, Datacryptor products make it possible for organizations to utilize the most cost-effective data transport medium available, while also meeting or exceeding business and regulatory requirements for data privacy and confidentiality. Choose from a range of Datacryptor models, selecting those that match your network protocol, speed, certification, and customization requirements. Specifically designed to ease maintenance and minimize cost of ownership, Datacryptor products have achieved certifications including FIPS, Common Criteria, the UK government CAPS (CESG Assisted Products Service) standards, NATO approvals, and listing on the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency’s Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (DISA UCAPL).

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